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DrinkingTicket is a news media account that was created in 2011 by a couple of University of South Carolina students and has grown to be one of the most popular Twitter accounts in Columbia, SC and at The University of South Carolina. With approximately 3 out of every 4 undergraduate students actively following DrinkingTicket on Twitter it can be argued that DrinkingTicket is one of the most wide-reaching social media accounts at The University of South Carolina. The purpose of DrinkingTicket is to provide live, local, and breaking information to University of South Carolina students and the Columbia, SC community. If you would like to submit a tip anonymously please fill out the form below and we will investigate your tip!

Need legal assistance? One of the original reasons DrinkingTicket was founded was to assist students that need legal advice or need a lawyer and don’t know who to turn to. While we ourselves are not lawyers we are partnered with the best ones in the city. The lawyers we work with provide free consultations and discounted prices for University of South Carolina Students. So if you have a DUI, Minor in Possession of Alcohol (Beer/Wine or Liquor), Fake ID charge, or something drug related: DrinkingTicket can put you in touch with a lawyer that can help you through the entire situation without charging you an arm and a leg like most lawyers do.

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