UofSC Student Body Election Endorsements

Student Body Elections at The University of South Carolina are more important than you might think. The people that are elected to these offices have the power to shape Student Life and the University as a whole. The Student Body President is given a seat at the Board of Trustees. The Student Body Vice President works hand and hand with the Student Senate to shape the legislative agenda that ends up effecting the entire student body. The Student Body Treasurer oversees/controls how tens of thousands of dollars in student activity funds (your money) is spent. When looking at who to vote for in Student Body Elections, you want to vote for the individual that is actually going to make a difference and not just based on how much marketing materials they buy or the people they ticket with. For this election our team has decided to endorse the following candidates for their respective positions. We did the investigative work to help you the voter make an informed decision. We make these endorsements with the full belief that these people are the people who will actually make a difference at USC. Go Cocks.


We have chosen to endorse Luke Rankin for Student Body President. Luke is a member of Greek Life, and has served in several leadership positions on campus. Luke wants to give a voice to every student through innovating, cultivating, and celebrating UofSC. His leadership experience across many corners of campus along with his approachable stature will allow him to represent all students from every demographic of our diverse school.

Vice President

We have chosen to endorse Sophie Davish for Student Body Vice President. Sophie is a Finance Major in the Darla Moore School of Business. Sophie is a member of Greek Life and involved in Student Government already. Sophie has a far more extensive amount of experience in the executive branch of Student Government than any of her competitors, comparatively speaking. This is the main reason we have chosen to endorse her. Her passionate, dedicated, and hard working attitude will allow her to succeed in this office where others could not.


We have chosen to endorse Kate Lewis for Treasurer. Kate is the most qualified candidate for her position based on her experience already being on the Finance Committee and by serving as the Director of Operations for the current Student Body Treasurer Elect. Kate’s dedication to Student Government makes her the clear front runner for the position of Student Body Treasurer.

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